Sunday, June 13, 2010

16 Amerindian communities get solar panels

GUYANA - The Ministry of Amerindian Affairs has distributed 574 solar panels to 16 Amerindian communities in regions ones, two and nine.

Liaison Officer to the Minister of Amerindian Affairs Norman Whittaker said the panels were provided through the Office of the Prime Minister under the Unserved Areas Electrification Programme. The ministry was tasked over the last year with distributing 1,000 (15-watt) solar panels to 23 communities and these 16 areas are the first beneficiaries, a press release from the Government Information Agency (GINA) said.

Some of the communities that benefited are: Four Miles and Hotoquai, Region One; Mashabo, Region Two; and Surama, Rupertee and Katoka, Region Nine. Whittaker said the remaining 476 panels are for communities in Region Nine and arrangements are being put in place to distribute them.

According to GINA the ministry also buys solar panels for communities under its Capital Programme.

Source: Stabroek News

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