Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Indigenous leaders urged to practise inclusiveness

GUYANA - Amerindian leaders were urged to examine the issue of good governance in their communities and to practise inclusiveness as it is vital to development.

According to a Government Information agency (GINA) press release Minister Pauline Sukhai made these statements at the recent Conference on Sustainable Development in St Ignatius, Region Nine. She said the Amerindian Act addresses the issue from the community level which comprises the village council, national toshaos and district councils. The minister highlighted many instances where governance issues arose and attributed them to the breakdown of collective decision-making.

Sukhai advised the meeting to seek ways of boosting collective decision-making in order to reap greater benefits for the villages and gradually eradicate issues related to weak administration. She said several village offices have been erected to facilitate this process as inclusiveness is vital to driving development.

Meanwhile, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Kellawan Lall urged indigenous leaders to take the lead in developing their communities. He said communities that enjoy inclusiveness are more vibrant and that is needed as plans for sustainable development become reality.

Source: Stabroek News

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