Monday, December 1, 2008

Garifuna Massacre in Labuga

La Buga - Livingston celebrated its Garifuna Settlement Day on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 with a big wake. The sudden death of the Garifuna youth was shock to the community. The young man was shot indiscriminately by the owner of a popular night club on the eve of Yurumein.

One of the victims was Adu's son Carlitos. The report alleged that 3 youngmen tried to get in for free at a party going on at "Bahia Azul" a popular night club, last night in celebration of La Buga Garifuna Settlement Day and as they were denied access, one the fellows allegedly stabbed the security guard. The owner of the club came outside running with a loaded gun shooting indiscriminately and killed 3 and wounded 2 other. Two of the shot victims were critically wounded and remain alive and ready to tell the story the way it really happened.

Carlitos, one of the dead, was the brother to one of Livingston's elite boxers, Randy. This horrible event was confirmed by Amanda Sheppard who happens to live in the Los Angeles area. Amanda is the older daughter of the well known Garifuna restaurant owner by the sea Mrs. Adu who is taking it really hard at this moment. Carlitos and the other victims are going to be buried on Saturday, November 29 with little to be said about the killings. We at GAHFU, Inc. are encouraging those who want to donate to do so and the money will go towards the Garifuna family in Livingston who is having a hard time covering the expenses incurred during the burial of these young men.

You can also contact The Sheppard family of La Buga who are living in Los Angeles by calling Amanda Sheppard (323) 802-4256 cell phone or (323) 293-2325 home.

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