Friday, October 24, 2008

Guyana praised for its role with indigenous people

Georgetown, Guyana - Guyana has been praised for its role in education and health care for its indigenous people at a conference of representatives from Indigenous Women's groups from Dominica, Suriname, Belize and Guyana being held in Georgetown.

Belize Senator Pulcheria Teul told the gathering that Guyana's role for indigenous people is monumental in comparison with other countries, in particular Belize.

Teul, who is a Senator in Belize, worked with indigenous women for a decade, and said that the livelihood of the indigenous people in her country is grounded on the principles of respect of nature and a greater sense of community spirit, which set the foundation for sharing and managing resources.

The Guyana Chronicle reported that the Belize senator said, "Belize indigenous people reside in the rural communities; and with a slowly developing economy, the poorer classes are not well provided for as the indigenous women of Guyana.”
She added, "In Belize they cannot easily access higher education, which is a major constraint in the development of women there.”

The Belizean said she was impressed that three indigenous women in Guyana are Ministers of Government, Pauline Sukhai, who is Minister of Amerindian Affairs; Carolyn Rodrigues, Minister of Foreign Affairs; and Desrey Fox, Minister in the Ministry of Education, as well as countless other women who serve in managerial positions across the country.

Teul said that she is proud of her post and is privileged to be the only indigenous woman involved in Parliament in Belize.

Author: Oscar Ramjeet
Source: Caribbean Net News

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